Because I’m leaving soon…

I am about to leave Japan in about a month, and honestly, I feel terribly sad.

Five months ago, all I wanted to do was to call home as much as I could, talk to friends (and even mere acquaintances) in Facebook, twitter, gtalk, YM! (lahat na!), and daydream of the things that I plan to do when I go back to the Philippines. I went to Tsukuba to meet with Filipino friends as much as I could just to be able to experience the good ol’ Pinoy tsismisan. The mere mention of sisig, crispy tenga (in Sefali, KNL, UP Diliman), sinigang na baboy and UP Diliman’s Beachouse barbecue could literally bring me tears.   I was THAT lonely and homesick. But now that I’m leaving soon, all I can think about is the multitude of things that I have yet to experience, and the things that I want to relive and never forget about Japan, especially Tokyo. I will definitely miss it, and if given a chance to visit it again, I will definitely do so in a heartbeat.

So as a parting tribute to the wonderful (almost-a-) year that was, I will be posting the top five things that I will miss most about Japan. One article per week – just in time for my arrival in the Philippines. Some things from the list may be huge and important, while others may seem mundane and insignificant. But every bit of it endeared Japan to me. 🙂

(I know that I am very behind with my blog posting and I still have a LOT of trips to chronicle. I will still find time to do this, don’t worry. :))


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1 Response to Because I’m leaving soon…

  1. mikki says:

    Aww Cats…I loved Japan too! Will be reading your articles!

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