Umeda Sky Tower

Golden Week Day 1: OSAKA
Nearest station: Umeda
Admission to deck: Y 700


The last stop for my Osaka day trip was the Umeda Sky Tower. I am not really fond of skylines nor of really high places, so I was not really excited to visit this famous landmark. But since my friends have been raving about how scary and thrilling the visit was, I had to try it.

See, the Umeda Sky Building is one of the tallest buildings in Osaka, which consists of two 40-storey towers, connected at the top by bridges whose sides allow you to see what’s beneath you. For people with wild imagination and/or fear of heights, the slow escalator ride from one tower to the other can be a really thrilling torture. Haha.

The Umeda Sky Tower at night. You have to cross these...

... with these. (View from the top of one of the towers)

The main attraction is the view from the Floating Garden Observatory. The deck has a commanding 360-degree view of Osaka, with the bustling city on one side and the expansive Yodo River on the other. The sunset, they say, is quite spectacular and romantic when viewed from the observatory. Unfortunately, we were too late to see it. 😦 (By this time, I had met with another friend of mine, Alvin, and his parents.) In contrast to what its name suggests, the observatory is actually quite bare, except for a small portion called Lumi Deck, where lovers can sit, and tie their vows and commitment heart chains, which you can buy at the entrance, at the Fence of Vows. (I honestly think that the building is mainly catered for lovers) When the sun has set, the floor of the observatory lightens up with different colors, I guess, to make the experience more romantic and special. But personally, I think Y 700 is still way too steep for these little “romantic” features. (I’m a cheap-o, I know…)

Lumi Deck and the Fence of Vows

Could-have-been perfect sunset

The Yodo River

Osaka at dusk

I would have wanted to visit other places in Osaka, but I was constrained by time and money. Haha. I guess that just gives me another reason to go back. 🙂

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  1. akgt says:

    amazing…you still got great pictures!!!

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